Sustainability Governance

Generali Real Estate is committed to being the real estate industry leader in environmental sustainability and energy management.

Since 2009, Generali Real Estate (GRE) has been adopting the Generali Group Environmental Policy, aimed at ensuring environmental protection and pollution prevention and contributing to sustainable development.

Generali Real Estate has developed a set of Green Building Guidelines with the objectives to improve the performance of the buildings while reducing its environmental impact, with a view to going above and beyond the current legislative requirements and creating ‘green value’.

As part of this project, an increasing number of properties in GRE’s portfolio are HEQ, DGNB, LEED and/or BREEAM–certified. Part of the portfolio is also monitored within the GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) reporting system.

GRE considers that sustainability issues should be a concern of each and every one of its staff members and not only the responsibility of a small number of specialists.  In order to achieve this goal, GRE encourages all of its business branches to promote awareness of sustainability issues among their staff members, via specific training initiatives, including seminars, sustainability days and awareness programs.