Generali Real Estate manages its operations across the different European markets through four operating platforms: Southern Europe (Italy and Spain), Western Europe (France and Benelux), Central and Northern Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Central and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro).

These teams leverage on their deep knowledge of local markets to provide portfolio management advise on direct real estate investments, ensure the execution of investment and divestment processes, as well as of the asset and letting management activities, at a local level.

Five centralized functions support each local structure, so as to ensure an efficient coordination and a smooth execution of the business strategy.

The management of portfolio strategy and real estate research-related activities, as well as the identification of new investment opportunities through partnerships, fall under the responsibility of Portfolio Strategy & Real Estate Partnerships. The Transactions unit provides a full coverage of the different real estate markets, ensuring deal scouting, origination and execution in line with the portfolio strategy in the different jurisdictions, through the coordination of the local teams. The unit is also in charge of defining the global investment and divestment pipeline, as well as keeping a constant and well established relationship with the main institutional real estate players, investors and brokerage firms.

The Asset & Letting Management function is tasked with defining and delivering the objectives in terms of optimal return and value creation of the assets managed by GRE, as well as proposing potential portfolio and asset rotation plans in line with the strategy, and managing the relationship with key tenants.
Technology and Product Development analyses market trends so as to scout innovative solutions in terms of projects and technologies, and coordinates local sustainability policies and initiatives, so as to ensure consistency across regions.
Lastly, the High Surveillance & Project Planning and Implementation team is tasked with the implementation and harmonization among regions of state-of-the-art standardized operating models for the planning and development of new projects; beside this, it manages technical reviews on large CAPEX projects.