As buildings and construction account for 36% of global energy consumption and 39% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere[1], real estate managers are called upon to create real impact in the reduction of such emissions going forward.

To boost Generali Real Estate's environmental outcomes, we are leveraging several different dimensions across the overall real estate value chain and specifically:

  • Transactions: invest in assets characterized by high environmental scoring, relevant sustainability credentials or in assets able to reach a relevant score after a refurbishment project

  • Developments: integrate sustainability into project design and specification and identify ex-ante target energy efficiency improvements for building renovations

  • Recurring and on-going ordinary maintenance: continuously assess energy performance and mitigate climate risk through system upgrades

  • Asset management: actively engage with tenants to create a win/win sustainable partnership through constant dialogue and “green leasing“

  • Property management: leverage data analytics system to drive energy optimization and adopt cutting edge and innovative solutions to steer energy, emissions, water and waste consumptions  

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[1] 2019 Global Status Report Published by UN Environment and the International Energy Agency



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