Generali Real Estate is a real estate asset management specialist currently managing more than €39.1 bn of assets

Generali Real Estate conducts its real estate investment management activities through its regulated investment fund management company, Generali Real Estate S.p.A. Società di Gestione del Risparmio (“GRE SGR”), in charge of managing both commercial real estate equity and debt funds through its seasoned professionals located in Italy and France. GRE SGR is passported and authorized by the Bank of Italy, the local regulator, to manage real estate investment funds in the EU under the AIFMD.

Coherently with the Generali Group strategy, GRE SGR has recently expanded its product catalogue with 12 Pan-European funds that are also opened to third-party investors.

The cross-border platform, launched in 2018, is able to offer a wide range of investment opportunities in different destinations of use, allowing investors to allocate capital according to strategic views on certain destinations of use and on risk appetite. All cross-border funds are characterized by:

  • Specialization in terms of destination of use and risk profile

  • Geographical diversification: cross-country exposure, boosting geographical diversification and thus decreasing concentration risk

  • Asset management team on the ground: control of the overall real estate value chain implemented by Generali professionals

  • ESG angle: implementation of tangible actions aimed to improve the environmental impact created by underlying real estate assets as well as the social welfare of our stakeholders also through a transparent and efficient governance system

  • Limited level of financial leverage: moderate level of debt, increasing financial results while still granting limited risk


VAT number 01333550323