Generali Real Estate S.p.A. operates through an integrated model across markets and functions leveraging central corporate functions to support and coordinate local teams in the execution of a series of cross-border strategies, mostly diversified by risk and asset class. The unparalleled industry capabilities developed over time coupled with a solid in-house data driven research department allows for the proper identification of resilient long term successful strategies.

As a matter of fact, thanks to its teams on the ground, Generali Real Estate S.p.A. is able to internally manage the overall real estate value chain (Global Transactions, Asset Management, Property Management & Sustainable Investing, European Engineering & Project Management) through its local network in main Core European countries.

Generali Real Estate S.p.A. operates coherently with Generali Real Estate SGR, providing its services to the investment management business of Generali and to third-party clients.


The team oversees all transactions business according to the strategy (execution, management, reporting) ensuring the rotation of the portfolio, with the goal to reinforce the quality and performance of the Real Estate assets and enlarging sectors and countries of investment.

Asset Management

A well-defined real estate strategy with clear performance objectives for the assets and portfolios under management is at the core of value creation with sustainable returns. The Asset Management team is in charge of active portfolio rotation, letting activities and business planning for a property portfolio comprising of more than 2,000 assets and more than 6 million sqm in 20+ countries.

Additionally, the team tackles Generali Real Estate’s ambition to reduce the environmental impact of its portfolio, while actively integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) actions into the full spectrum of business operation.

Property Management

The team ensures the development of the property management and facility management services to Generali Real Estate tenants and owners, with a specific focus on services innovation through new technologies and digitalization, opening services to the third-party market.

Engineering & Project Management

The team is in charge of Core Plus, Value Add and Development projects on behalf of Generali and third-party clients across the European countries where Generali Real Estate operates. The construction project portfolio covers a continuous pipeline of 100-150 valorisation projects, also through international architectural competitions; each year, more than 200.000 sqm are delivered across different asset classes – offices, retail, residential, logistical, public – and countries, with a yearly investment around € 300-400 mln.

Next to excellence in refurbishing and repositioning the historical trophy assets in the Generali portfolio (for example Procuratie Vecchie in Venice, Palazzo Bonaparte and Piazza Venezia 11 in Rome, Piazza Cordusio 2 in Milan, Palazzo Berlam in Trieste), the team has established a successful track record in building modern, award-winning architectures such as CityLife in Milan and Tour Saint-Gobain in Paris.

The best architectural and construction standards are always coupled with strict, top-notch ESG criteria, to support the Generali environmental commitments and remain in line with Green Bonds emission requirements.

Research & Data Analytics

The team ensures the business and its clients are supported and empowered in their decision making process using all available data, producing cutting edge market information and providing accurate performance forecasting. 

The Business Intelligence and Analytics team is composed of real estate researchers, data scientists and data engineers. This mix of competencies creates a unique approach that combines analysis of traditional data with more niche location-based and mobility data.  

All data are manipulated with proprietary modelling and algorithms, developed to bring all Generali Real Estate business knowledge into the research output. The results are real insights that bring assets and geographies discussion to a new level.   


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