At Generali Real Estate, we are adopting structured and innovative processes aimed at improving the way we work, enhancing the performance of the organizations that is eventually reflected in the overall ESG impact had by our activities.

Generali Real Estate is constantly implementing new real actions and improving existing processes and procedures to enhance operational efficiency. Most recent and impactful initiatives include the following areas:

  • Data driven approach for investments identification: thanks to Generali Real Estate's Research proprietary model for the identification of long-term city attractiveness, we are able to identify a set of cities in Europe expected to successfully win outstanding challenges and emerge or consolidate as winning cities. A data driven approach backed by the long lasting experience of our senior management team is able to further strengthen the soundness of the underwriting process

  • Adherence to the first European issuance of a Green Bond: in the context of the Generali Green Bond issuance in 2019, Generali Real Estate has provided a series of Green Real Estate initiatives[1] eligible for Green bond proceeds allocation

  • Risk management leveraging on the expertise of a leading insurance Group: Generali Real Estate has multiple lines of defense (ie. business, risk management, audit) ensures investment and operational risk are properly monitored and managed

  • Counterparties and vendors: acting with transparency and fariness and implementing leading processes in the procurement journey sustains the establishment of efficient and mutual target oriented partnerships instead of simple traditional client-vendor relationships

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[1] Assets which meet internationally recognized standards of certifications such as LEED Gold or above, BREEAM Very Good or above, HQE Excellent or above, or any equivalent and recognized level of certification or expenses in building retrofitting with an improvement in energy efficiency resulting in a minimum of 30% of energy savings. Please refer to https://www.generali.com/it/investors/debt-ratings/green-bond-framework for further details.



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